ahh…young love, so tempestuous

Saw a strange thing yesterday. I was driving the motorbike down Nguyen Thi Minh Khai with Dutchie, a friend from Australia on the the back, when we noticed a young guy on a motorbike just in front of us pull his cap off his head and throw it down onto the road with a great deal of force.

This young guy was travelling along with a young Vietnamese girl as passenger and after he threw his cap off I noticed that he was weaving a bit erratically and from time to time was bashing his fist heavily onto the speedometer section of his bike. It was obvious that he was upset with something, or perhaps as it turned out, “someone”.

I kept a wary eye on him which was just as well because we had just reached the gates in front of the Reunification Palace when, without warning, he veered his motorbike across the road in front of us, mounted the gutter and aimed his bike directly at one of the concrete edges that surround the trees there. He deliberately smashed his bike into this concrete surround causing both himself and the girl to come off.

We stopped and looked back and as they picked themselves up there was a fair amount of arguing going on between them, the girl was crying and trying to inspect the damage to her legs and arms after disentangling herself from under the bike.

We guessed that this was some type of lovers tiff and when it seemed as though there was not going to be any violence between them, (we fully intended to interfere if that was the case), we drove on shaking our heads at the immature display of attention seeking anger that we had just seen.