all I wanted to do was have a beer – why is that so difficult?

I’m batching at the moment and on Sunday night I decided I didn’t want to stay home alone. Instead, I headed on down to the Royal Exchange Hotel in Toowong because I thought it would be pleasant to sit in their beer-garden, have a cold beer and maybe order a steak meal.

It was raining so I drove the car and parked at the rear of the hotel in their car parking area. From this car-park it’s about 30 metres down an asphalt path to the beer-garden and I could see patrons and the bar from where I had parked.

I locked the car and walked down the path, but when I was maybe 3 metres from the beer-garden I was stopped by a security guard who very politely said, “Excuse me sir, but you cannot enter the hotel from the back entrance, you must go around and enter through the front door.”

Now don’t forget that at this stage the bar was a scant few metres away and I had parked in the hotels car-park, but this guy directed me to walk back up into the car-park, down a small alley and out into the main street and enter from the front door to arrive back at almost exactly the same point. My guess is that it has something to do with security, but why couldn’t this security guard perform the same check as the one out the front?

I didn’t argue, I just turned around, got back in my car and drove home because I get so dispirited with the amount of regulations around here that I just can’t be bothered.