antville is an open source project aimed to the development of an “easy to maintain and use” weblog-hosting system. it’s not limited to just one weblog, it can easily host up to several hundred or thousand weblogs (the number of weblogs is more limited by the site owners choice and server power than software limitations).

antville is entirely written in JavaScript and based on Helma, a powerful and fast scriptable open source web application server (which itself is written in Java). antville works with a relational database in the backend: here at we’re using MySQL, but one can also use nearly any other one. more information about the project can be found at the project weblog, the macro documentation (in progress) or antville help. there is also a brief description of the features of antville. is a weblog-hosting service based on this application. Since our resources for running this site are limited we currently have disabled creation of new weblogs on We hope to be able to resume accepting new weblogs at some point in the future, but can’t give you any time frame yet. In the meantime, how about getting involved in antville development and starting your own server?

Number of weblogs hosted here: 2747
Public accessible weblogs: 1329