Asian gang skims $50m via EFTPOS

Skimming is the common term for credit/debit card fraud and amazingly, in recent weeks a gang from, “a particular part of Asia” has skimmed approx. A$50million from Australian bank accounts. Westpac bank have blocked over 10,000 of their customers cards while police involved in the investigation say it’s the biggest attack of this type they have seen.

Amazingly, the gang has been able to target the EFTPOS machines of fast food retailers, particularly McDonald’s. According to reports, gang members have been able to enter McDonald’s stores, steal their counter-top EFTPOS machines, take them outside, insert a chip and return it to the store counter. Then it’s just a matter of receiving the card information via bluetooth to a laptop close by and viola! No money left in your bank account. But how in hell have gang members been able to temporarily steal the machines without being noticed?

One thing’s for sure, when I get back to Australia later this year I won’t be using my cards anywhere, especially fast food outlets. I’ll be drawing cash from the bank and using that thanks very much.

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