Australian IT – Man charged over anti-war email (, OCTOBER 31, 2003)

I’m hoping that there is more to this than is being reported. If it happened as it is written, then I find the situation sad and scary at the same time…

An Auckland peace activist who sent an email to the US Embassy objecting to the war on Iraq has been charged with misuse of a telephone.

Police went to the Epsom home of 38-year-old university student Bruce Hubbard yesterday afternoon and took him to Takapuna police station for questioning.

Mr Hubbard last night said he has been charged under the Telecommunications Act and has been told by police they’ll seize information from his computer under the Counter-Terrorism Act.

Friends such as fellow activist John Minto were alerted to Hubbard’s plight when he sent an email before being taken to the police station.

A spokeswoman for Takapuna police has confirmed Hubbard has been charged and is on bail, but was unable to confirm the charge.

Mr Minto says Hubbard sent the embassy an email in about March.


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