back to reality???

Well… of course each of us creates our own reality according to many factors and based on our experiences in life, so when I say reality it only means getting back from the surreal nature of travel into a more mundane and set lifestyle (if life in HCMC can ever be referred to as mundane and set in any way).

I will be interested to see how I cope with HCMC and VN generally after three weeks away, certainly I have gained some new objectivity while away and that will no doubt cause some unsettled feelings to emerge. Maybe I need to sit and write a list of things that I have missed and things I could do without that are a part of living in VN. But meanwhile I’ll enjoy the last two days of the holiday even if one of them will be partly spent in transit.

Transit! Hmmm….. am I looking forward to Tan Son Nhat airport and the official scowls and pushing and shoving? Answer – no I’m not. When we were leaving all that time ago and were paying our departure tax in US dollars the lady who was serving (a loosely used term) us gave me change in US currency and when I looked at her quizzically she asked if I wanted VN Dong. But she barked at me with such a glare on her face and was so rude and I said to her, “No, all that I wanted was a smile!”