Baja magic

Well, here we are in Laos and we’ve done it again, just finished a 3 day motorbike trip north of the capital Vientiane. This time we hired a Honda XR 250cc Baja off road bike and it was great to have some dial on power at my disposal again not to mention “real” bump soaking suspension and disc brakes front and rear. The last motorbike I owned in Australia was a Honda XR 250 but the bike we hired is far more modern and it was strange to have to once again “climb up” into the saddle.

However, these bikes are really only meant for the rider and are not comfortable for the pillion passenger. Lisa was nearly crippled until we purchased a Lao style cushion to tie to the metal carry rack to save her nether regions from permanent damage. (photos to come when we get back to HCMC). (Not of Lisa’s nether regions but of the bike and cushion!).

Some of the countryside that we rode through was very dry and very poor looking, but other areas were quite spectacular. We didn’t try to travel far this trip, rather we took our time and stopped a lot to eat or have Lao coffee’s by the side of the road.

Right now we are back in the capital and are both tired and very hungry, so I will post more on our trip later. For now we have to go find some true happiness (food).