Bone Marrow Transplant Needed

Huynh, T.V. Kim is a 28 year old Vietnamese lady who lives with her mother in the Mekong Delta region near the town of Can Tho. Today I met Kim for the first time because my blood is compatible with hers and without it she may have died. You see Kim has what is called a Bone Marrow Myelodysplastic disorder, which basically means her bone marrow does not produce enough blood cells. Consequently she rapidly becomes severely anaemic (i.e. very low number of red blood cells), and requires transfusions. Also she has a very low platelet cell count. These cells are essential for normal blood clotting. Therefore Kim is likely to bleed spontaneously, literally from anywhere – such as her stomach or bowel, or into her brain (i.e. a stroke).

Huynh T.V. Kim

Kim urgently needs a bone marrow transplant. This cannot be done in Viet Nam, but may be carried out in Bangkok. Unfortunately there are two major obstacles to this operation being carried out. Kim needs to find a bone marrow donor (her siblings do not match) and needs to find the US$75,000 required for the transplant (this will not cover the chemotherapy required afterwards).
This amount of money is overwhelming for Kim and her family. Dr. Laurie Hayward from the HCMC Family Medical Practice said that an American friend of his has covered Kim’s initial medical costs including trips to Bangkok, but the amount needed for the transplant is out of the question. According to Dr. Laurie “?there are no cheap treatment alternatives. Without treatment Kim will most likely die within a few months. She is a terrific human being, and it would be a thrill to see her receive appropriate care and pull through.”
Blood transfusions will only keep Kim alive for so long and I can only give her so much of my blood before I also become anaemic. Hopefully, the money can be found somehow.