Change is so healthy

Yesterday, Lisa and I spent a very dusty day cleaning out the shed of our stuff, some of which had not been touched for about 8 years. Ultimately, most of these treasured possessions went to the dump via the back of a mate’s Ute. The burning question is, “Why the hell do we keep all this stuff if we haven’t used it in so long and end up throwing it out?” I have to admit to a savage feeling of pleasure as I flung each item or box onto the pile of rubbish. A burden was lifted and has been lifted as we have sold, given away or dumped the unnecessary items in our lives. The burden of possessions.

Perhaps we should all make substantial changes to our lives on a regular basis, because change, although sometimes uncomfortable, is healthy. Our change has enabled us to clean out most of the clutter that we have been prepared to live with and I can’t wait to have it all cleared from my life. What is emerging from this change is a clearer understanding of the things that are important, really important. We will miss family and friends, it will no longer be possible to simply pick up the phone and call somebody or to drop around and spend some time, and people are what matters.

I am enjoying the first stages of this change, in spite of how uncomfortable they are making me feel from time to time. Moving to Vietnam could be one of the best things I have done, only time will tell.