Chicken back on the menu

The government has officially lifted its ban on the sale of chicken and eggs, however I think that I will avoid eating it for a while after seeing eggs and chickens in market places at least 5 days before the ban was lifted and after reading this article. We are eating so much interesting food that we are not really missing chicken anyway.

Illegal poultry hits street as ban ends – from Viet Nam News Tues March 9

Market control teams found fresh chickens and eggs being sold without official quarantine stamps last Friday, the first day the municipal government’s ban on poultry sales was lifted. Unstamped chicken was being sold at VND45,000-60,000 per kilogram while fresh eggs went for VND2,000 each, double the price before the bird flu, which led to the confiscation of 2,800 unstamped eggs at markets around the city.

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