conducting research from my home office

I am in awe of our university library service, especially the document delivery feature. I found a reference to an unpublished masters thesis that was completed in 2001 at Uppsala University in Sweden, the title of which seemed very relevant to my own PhD research. I contacted the chief librarian at Uppsala and received a reply that the library there did not have a digital copy of this document that they could send me but, remarkably I thought, I was given 2 mobile phone numbers for the author, a Swedish lady.

I sent a text to each of these numbers and received a very similar reply from the author stating that she didn’t think she had an electronic copy she could send me, and that was that. Another e-mail to the Uppsala university asking if some kind person could scan their hard copy and send it to me via e-mail received no reply at all. Then I did what I should have done in the first place. I submitted a request via the Web with the Queensland University library.

I submitted the request on the 6th of Feb. and last Monday afternoon, the 19th, the full document duly arrived in the letterbox at my house.

As I said, I stand in awe of this service.