Configure this!

I discovered a long time ago that if you want to learn something, the best way to go about it is teach it to somebody else. If teaching it is not an option, then the next best way is to simply pull things apart and put them back together again. This sometimes causes an amount of angst when there are a few parts left over and the main item is re-assembled.

Discovering how the preferences work within pMachine has been a prime example of pulling things apart and trying different ways of going about things.

I’m pleased to say that pMachine is a pleasure to work with. Just takes a bit of time to figure out what things are for (if in doubt read the instructions is great advice here). I always liken any software applications to crossword puzzles. When you commence a puzzle by an unknown author what you are really trying to do is not so much solve the clues, but learn to get inside that persons head to discover what they were thinking when they wrote it. Once you have determined the way they think, life becomes much easier.

Not that I can claim to know how the builders of pMachine really align their thought processes. Rather that I now know a bit more about the process by which they have built this software. That’s all.