Currently Reading – Leading Quietly – Joseph Badaracco

Having read and enjoyed “Defining Moments” by the same author last year I am looking forward to reading Badaracco’s latest offering, “Leading Quietly” which I borrowed from Griffith Uni library yesterday. I also re-borrowed “Defining Moments” as well as “Leadership and the Quest for Integrity”, a book that Badaracco co-authored with Richard Ellsworth that was released in 1989.

“Leading Quietly” was released in 2002 and from the brief flick through that I have had, it seems as though it will be an easy book to consume and one that deals with issues of leadership that are often overlooked. I enjoyed “Defining Moments” and read it from cover to cover during a very busy second semester last year. Badaracco draws on several case studies as examples, and who better to draw upon for matters of ethics but some philosophers. In particular, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius and even Machiavelli.