did the earth move for you too?

this place is becoming weirder and weirder, buildings swaying and statues crying, what next?

As reported here, here and here an earthquake with an intensity of 5.5 on the richter scale struck here twice during this week. I didn’t feel the first tremor as I guess that I must have been asleep, however the second one happened while I was working in my home office on the third level and the swaying sensation felt very strange indeed. I looked over my shoulder and the glass paneled door into the office which was ajar was swinging around erratically which gave me a momentary sense of nausea.

Aside from the earth moving in HCMC we have been witness to a ‘miracle’, or have we? The statue of the Virgin Mary outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in the centre of the city began weeping the other day attracting thousands of believers and just plain gawkers. Hundreds of people are still flocking daily to witness for themselves this spectacle and when we drove past yesterday, police are still keeping the area clear of parking motorists and keeping firm control on the movements of peopl in the entire square.

You have to wonder at the validity of the whole crying statue bit though when the church itself comes out and debunks the event, read article here. From my own observation the ‘tear’ looks like some clear silica that some person has applied under the right eye and there is a stain under the left eye as well. Plenty of the local people believe in it though as all through our hem and all over the city, hastily printed images of the now famous tear are being circulated and kept as treasured items. The pictures are available in three different sizes at 10,000, 12,000 and 15,000VND respectively and can be purchased just about everywhere. Ah, good old entrepreneurship, you just have to love it!

So has the earth moved for me lately, well yes, but its a little weird.