e-mail to Komninos

Hi Komninos

sitting under a thatched roofed umbrella on the beach at Nha Trang with the kids, drinking cold beers and eating fresh seafood, and the four of us are approached by a young Vietnamese guy.  This guy makes his living selling pirated copies of books and despite the fact that he only has one arm he manages to carry a heavy box full up and down the hot sand all day. He tells us that he has a hangover from drinking too much beer with his friends the night before, and we empathise because we don’t feel all that flash either.

i look through his books and come across a copy of Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road” and immediately think of you. I leaf through it and we all talk about you for a while when I explain to the kids how you once said that it was the influence of Kerouac and the poets of the beat generation that first got you into writing poetry. Brendan & Amber both recalled the night that we all went back to your place after that night of drinking and karaoke and how enjoyable a night it was and what a good guy you are.

I bought the copy for $2 and left in in my backpack for the rest of our trip and have just started to read it now that we are back in HCMC and the kids have gone home. Kerouac was a marvelously descriptive writer and i’m enjoying the tale completely.

cheers, hugs and manly kisses – royby