Flat Start to the Day

When I rode the Vespa out into Nguyen Dinh Chieu St yesterday to go to work, it didn’t take me long to realise that something was not quite right. The Vespa was handling in a very sloppy fashion due to the fact that the rear tyre was partially deflated. image
Fortunately, in this city that is never a problem. There are hundreds of roadside footpath mechanics complete with compressors sitting and waiting for just such an event. So I had only travelled about 50 metres from my front door when I discovered the problem and stopped and lo and behold, there was a guy waving me in to repair the punctured tube. 25 minutes later and VND10,000 lighter (A$0.82) I was on my way.
The Vespa is a bit of a challenge to remove wheels from compared to other bikes and we had to tip it up on the side and prop it up with bricks so that the operation could be performed. There is a building being constructed right next door and the construction workers gladly lent a hand with this, not to mention providing me with a plastic chair and generally standing around and enjoying the show.

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