happy ever after in the market place…

This morning I was up before sunrise, had a quick cup of coffee and headed down to the Ho Thi Ky flower markets behind Ly Thai To St. This is situated only about 1 Km from our house and I wanted to savour the early morning activity. I find the scent of thousands of flowers to be overpowering and the hustle and bustle of the busy market area is very invigorating. image

I sat and drank my second coffee of the morning at a stall on the street and waited to see if there would be an improvement in the light for some image taking. But that was not to be, the early morning is dull and overcast but, as I think you will agree, the colours of the flowers more than make up for it. Others in the coffee stall are amused to see a foreigner with a camera in their midst and warm to me when I use my limited Vietnamese to order my delicious thick black sweet coffee.

I wish that I could convey the smells and sounds and overall feeling of this market as images do not do it justice. The people are so happy and friendly, the women flirt with me, the men want their image taken with their children and there is an overwhelming sense of serenity amid the chaos and mayhem.

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