he just kept walking


If, like me, you’re sitting at your office desk contemplating the four walls around you and need a taste of fresh air and open vistas, then pay a visit to Matt Greens site. Matt left his office in Brooklyn one day to clear his head and never went back. In fact right now he’s on day 131 of a walk across the USA from Rockaway Beach, New York to Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

Matt’s recording his walk with images taken on the trail and presented in his blog as a daily record of the simple things he now has time to observe. I challenge you to visit his blog and not get hooked by the sheer beauty of the things Matt is seeing. Try clicking on “random images” in the right column or follow day by day as the trails unfold. If you loved reading Steinbeck’s “Travels With Charley” (one man’s search for America), as much as I did, then you surely will be hooked by Matt’s recording of his adventure. Matt’s equivalent to “Rocinante”, Steinbeck’s specially built camper is, I guess, his way too neat and tidy hand cart pushed along the byways just below the Canadian border.

Personally, I’ve always loved seeing an open unknown trail in front of me, always had the irresistible urge to follow it and see where it leads. Good luck to you Matt, you’re out there doing it!