high speed down Borneo river

On our recent return flight to Australia from Viet Nam we stayed over in Brunei for a few days where our friends from the Royal Brunei Police took excellent care of us. Rather than let us go on a tour to Temburong National Park they provided us with an escort and a boat to travel across the open sea and up the Temburong River.

This high speed marine intercept craft was ably driven by a very experienced Staff Sergeant and his crew of three. The two guys in the front were lookouts for logs and other debris floating down the swollen, flooding river and it was exciting weaving in amongst all this stuff at high speed as they signalled go left or right.

Did I mention that the boat has three (3) 250 hp Mercury outboards – 3! That’s 750 hp. Unfortunately the video footage that I took doesn’t convey the speed that we were doing. Yee-hah

More on our stopover in Brunei when I get time (not sure when that will be).