home show horror

Last Saturday Lisa and I made our way to the Brisbane Home Show. We caught the train to the exhibition grounds along with thousands of other homemakers and I wondered to myself, ?what has my life become?? I?m doing these domestic type things and it?s making me very nervous!!?

However, there was method in our madness as there are always special deals on offer at the show and it was timely because we want to replace the carpet and drapes in our new townhouse and the carpet needs to be laid before we move in. At the moment there is ?rental beige? on the stairs and in the bedrooms and I can?t live with that!! We were going to have timber flooring laid until we found out the price of laying it on the stairs.

We chose a carpet that we think we can live with and got a good deal (we hope) and on our way out of the show, (I could only take just so much of the atmosphere there), we entered a draw to win A$1,000 show dollars. To our amazement we received a call the next morning and we had won. A$1,000 off the cost of our carpet is not to be sneezed at that is for sure.

I?m really glad we trundled along to the show although I am in need of psychological counselling now that I have done it and we have to go back this morning to officially claim our prize!!