International RYLA – Brisbane 2003


What a wonderful idea, first you invite 80 or so RYLArians from many countries and many diverse religious and cultural backgrounds to Brisbane and house them in the Margate Convention Centre for 4 days. Then you blend counselors/facilitators, trainers, Rotarians, from all over the world into the mix. You ask the RYLArians to explore their cultural differences and leadership issues by providing a program that includes topics such as;
? Ethics and Creating an Insight Around Universal Principles of Relationship that Transcend Culture
? Prime Ministers to Youth Leaders ? Their Inherent Weakness
? Understanding the Effects of Co-operation & Competition Within Groups
? Hidden Agendas in Committee Meetings

You break then up into discussion groups and invite them to openly discuss topics such as;
? What can one Person do to Effect Change?
? The Deteriorating Environment ? Can I Make a Difference?
? The Emergence of Women as Leaders
? Breaking Down the Barriers ? Racism, Prejudice and Social/Gender Discrimination
? Leadership is Getting Others Involved ? How to Motivate and Empower.

You throw the inspiration of RI President Bichai Rattakul and RI President Elect Jonathon Majiyagbe into the melting pot along with the knowledge and forthrightness of RI General Secretary Ed Futa.

You invite Eric Blackford, a member of the original RYLA committee and his wife May to be a guest for the 4 days and witness the gigantic ripple that his committee started in Brisbane back in 1960.

You then stand back and watch, no need to stir, this mix blends and works under its own power as young people get together to discover how they can make a difference in their own RYLA programs, their communities and the world. This mix breaks down cultural barriers and establishes relationships that have no boundaries.

Congratulations to all involved. A beautiful week.