Just for you Dennis….

Last student presentation of the semester finished and indeed my final class over and done with, I walk down the tree lined driveway at 21 Pham Ngoc Thach. Some students invite me over to their table under the enormous mango tree where they share their feast of pineapple and rose apple (mung) dipped in salty spice and I wish them good luck with their exams next Tuesday. Heading off towards the front gate I feel something dropping on my head and I reach up to brush away the leaf or seed from the trees. Several more items plop onto my crown and I continue to try and brush them off until I realise that, in the midst of intensely bright sunshine, it is raining. The brief shower adds to the already choking humidity and the tyres of motorbikes throw up the wet and muddy residue from the bitumen as I hitch a ride to 5 Nguyen Gia Thieu. But the smell of the rain, however brief, is invigorating.