last rice & pork

It’s fitting that my last meal in Viet Nam was at my favourite rice shop, Nguyễn Hiền on Nguyễn Thuong Hiền St, which is a small but very busy street that has many food shops and stalls some of which are open until very late at night. The rice shop is only a few minutes walk away from the house so it quickly became a favourite not only because of its proximity but because the food is of such a good quality and great variety.

Mimi and I were feeling fungry and I didn’t want to go through the check-in process without having something in my stomach first. So we went over and had the usual pork fillets barbequed over charcoal and a new dish, fish cooked in a spicy sauce with pineapple. It was delicious and I was glad that I was having my last meal with my Vietnamese daughter.

The ladies and guys who own or work at this restaurant are extremely friendly and I will miss their happy smiles and friendly attitudes.

Clicking on the thumbnail will launch a small slideshow and you can see their happy friendly smiles.