Latest on Le, Thi Kim Chi

This e-mail from Bryan Mason kind of says it all for me. To anybody who might believe that Rotarian’s are a bunch of old farts sitting about having dinner together, (and we do), but not doing anything productive in this world, read on…

Hi Roy,

Sorry for the delay in emailing you regarding Kim. I did not return home from Tasmania and Melbourne until Sunday.

I arrived in Hobart Tuesday and found they had re scheduled Kim?s operation for Wednesday. Everything went well and I went to see her Thursday afternoon in the St John’s Hospital. I had the privilege of meeting Kim?s father and her Carer?s family. They were all lovely people. Whilst in the hospital Dr Chris Edwards the surgeon came is to see Kim and I was able to speak to him. He was very happy with the first procedure. He has detached the chin from the neck and done some alterations around Kim?s mouth. He said there will be more procedures, but he is confident he can make a big improvement for her. The first procedure in my opinion has been great and she will now have more movement in the neck.

When we first arrived Kim was asleep and when she woke the first thing she said was ?thank you?. It was lovely to hear and the expression on her face said it all. Roy it is moments like these that make you proud to be a Rotarian and be part of an organization that is doing so much to help these ?forgotten? children of the world.

I am chasing up to get Doctor and Hospital letters so we can bring more children in for treatment. I will keep you posted.

Finally I have attached a copy of the article that appeared in the Mercury newspaper (Hobart’s main newspaper) Wednesday morning. Jill Gates, the Hobart ROMAC representative?s husband is the editor of the paper. [Article is available from here as a .pdf].

Bryan Mason
Operations Director