Le, Thi Kim Chi update

This e-mail from Minh in Melbourne:

Hi Roy,

I just spoke to Jill and the Vietnamese host family in Hobart this morning, Mon 28/3. I also spoke to Kim Chi’s father. Kim Chi has had an operation on her neck to release the pulling skin that she had for many years. She had the first bandage change last Wed. and went back home on the Good Friday. She was doing very fine, the wound was healing well. She was making very good progress I was told, and everyone is pleased with the result so far. Her father seems to be elated by the fact that his daughter is freed of the pulling in the neck. He told me he was very happy about that. KC is going back to the hospital tomorrow to see the surgeon. The next operation will probably be on her fingers then her lips.

Kim Chi & Van Thanh are greeted by Minh upon arrival in Melbourne

The host family is very kind. they are only husband and wife (grown up children living away) who have some sort of mobile food business. KC and her father could not have fallen in any better family than this family in many aspects (food is one!). They get along with each other well. So far so good!!

The Vietnamese community (very few families) in Hobart is also very friendly and supportive. Last weekend one of the vnmese families on visiting KC at the hospital, called me to have a quick chat to let me know how KC was, and told me how people took turns to visit KC. I thought that was very good.

Well, that’s all about KC. What about sg? I am missing that vibrant and noisy atmosphere. How is Lisa? Please send my regards to her.