Late on the evening of Thursday the 27th of this month, our son and daughter in law arrive from Australia to spend three weeks with us. Already I am beside myself with the anticipation of seeing them both and spending time as it is over twelve months since we have seen each other. Already I am dreading the thought of their departure from Hanoi and our return to HCMC without them. But in the time that we have available we are going to travel throughout Viet Nam together and enjoy the experience of this country.

It has been a long time since I spent three full weeks with my son. Once he had grown up and moved away from home the longest time we have spent together would be about ten days. Opportunities for longer periods of time together just don’t happen when you are both leading busy lives in different parts of a large country. So perhaps you can gauge just how special the time that we spend together (the four of us) will be.