More Bike Parking Experiences

Last night we went for a drive through a part of the city that we have been wanting to explore for some time. Ly Chinh Thang Street follows a winding path between Cach Mang Thang Tam and Hai Ba Trung Streets in District 3 and at one point there is a five storey building almost entirely devoted to selling shoes. We parked the Vespa in the security parking at the front of the store and went for a browse. Lisa found a pair of “comfortable” shoes for work, but alas, there was nothing of interest for me.

We handed our parking ticket to the security guard on the way out of the bike park and were not prepared for a VND2,000 fee. Considering this park is actually a part of the store we assumed that parking would be free for customers, but there I was fumbling about trying get my wallet out of the pocket when a Vietnamese guy with a lady on the back of his bike pulls up next to me. He sees that I am fumbling around and immediately insists on paying the fee. He tells me to go and hands the attendant the money, smiles, extends his hand and shakes mine then pats the headlight of the Vespa and says, “Lovely old motorbike”. We smiled in return, thanked him and drove off. As I keep saying, where else but in Vietnam?