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No matter where you are in and around Sai Gon it’s hard not to notice the Bitexo Financial Tower as it dominates the landscape. Construction is due to be complete later in 2010 of the 68 floors and 3 basement levels built to resemble a lotus, the symbol of Viet Nam. When complete over 10,000 people will be able to work in this building. GULP! That’s correct, 10,000 people, so that’s why they’ve built 7 basements allowing for 33,000 square metres of parking. Great stuff! But what about the already over clogged roads. How will they cope with the extra traffic I wonder.

However, the solution to traffic issues is evident in the photo. You only need buy a helicopter and viola, your commuting problems are over. Personally I think it’s strange that they provide a heli-pad in a country where there are, to this date at least, no privately owned helicopters. The only choppers around are the large ones used for the off-shore oil industry and those used by the military. Weird!


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