Netscape DevEdge

I have not visited Netscape’s DevEdge site for a very long time. In fact, when I saw it mentioned on Jeffrey Zeldman’s ‘Daily Report’ I had to dig deep into my sluggish memory banks as the name ‘DevEdge’ slowly emerged as an “I seem to remember that” type of occurrence. However, all that will now change as a visit to the newly designed site has been something of a revelation. (Well, if you are in to standards compliant web pages it is a revelation). 

(Does that mean I need to get a life?)

Welcome to a re-designed, re-architected DevEdge site. Now DevEdge is not only a great source of tools and information for developers, it demonstrates extensive use of web standards for accessibility, maintainability, and user interaction.

The Netscape DevEdge team undertook a massive redesign in a relatively short timeframe to show how advanced CSS and XML can help web developers worldwide in their quest to create cross-browser sites based on W3C web standards. The redesigned site aims to demonstrate, among other things:

– Various cross-browser standards-based layout and design techniques
– The accessibility advantages of standards-based site design
– How easily you can create an engaging user-controlled experience