News about Kim Chi’s thumb

Just received this e-mail forwarded from Bryan Mason (ROMAC) about the progress to Le Thi Kim Chi’s thumb. Very good news.

Hi everyone

Yesterday I saw the results of Dr Chris’ handywork on reconstructing Kim Chi’s thumb.  WOW!  It just looks like he has cut off someone elses thumb and stitched it onto Kim Chi’s hand in the exact spot it should be.  She can even move it a little.

I will send a couple of photographs as soon as they become available.  The plastic surgeon doubles as the photographer.  (Think its called multi-skilling).

Physio starts today.  She may require another minor operation on the muscles around her thumb but all depends on how well the physio goes.

Kim Chi’s father was getting a bit anxious about going home but we have sorted that out.  Dr Chris estimates that Kim Chi will be here at least for 2 more months.  He said that there is plenty he could do, which would require her to stay longer, but after 2 months it will be up to them when they wish to go.

As he explained, it is no use putting a thumb there and not making it work correctly.

SO….it can be full steam ahead to see if we can get her into school.  Obviously learning English will be a great advantage to her when she goes home.

With regard to the photographs and story on Roy’s web site – the host family did not have access to the internet so we printed out all the photos and gave them to Kim Chi and Than.

Kind regards

Jill Gates