No Spitting

Last Tuesday evening we ventured down to Thi Sach Street in District 1 to a bar that is owned by several people including the husband of one of our fellow academics at RMIT. “Enigma” is a cosy two story affair and they cater for drinkers with a thirst for beer or wine and serve light meals also. However, the reason for going along last week was the second “No Spitting” night which included drinking lots of wine for the benefit of others.
US$20 included 5 glasses of wine from around the world light snacks and a good bit of frivolity including an auction of photographs taken by children for whom the evening was organised, the HCMC Child Welfare Foundation.
It must be the tropical atmosphere, or maybe I’m just a bit tired, because I used to be able to drink way more than 5 glasses of wine without feeling like shit the next day.