pachydermous paradisous

One thing that Lisa wants to do, but has still not done yet, is to ride an elephant through the forest. Not the type of elephant ride that you see at side shows with the large 4 person wicker carry-all on its back, but her desire is to ride on the neck of one right behind its handler.

We had just been talking about elephants and the fact that while we were in the north of Thailand we had missed out on going to the elephant park and lo and behold, we came around the corner of a back road outside of Pattaya Beach on our hired motorbike and what was in front of us but two elephants casually feeding on the roadside grass.

We stopped to look and then directed our gaze across the road to a complete village full of pachyderms. We didn’t take a ride, far too touristy, but Lisa did get all up close and personal.