“pornalisa: macroerotica by members of the worldwide literati mobilization network”

i’m pornalisa – i’m assistant professor in the new media department at the university of california at pacific beach – i met august highland at a pool party thrown by matt and jeremy graduate students in the same department as me – i’m a little on the chubby side as you can see from my picture but as it turned out augie goes for big chicks and we had a fun and wet time together (and i don’t mean “wet” as in playing together in the swimming pool – hee-hee) – however our attraction for each other extended way beyond pure lust – like augie i am also involved in text modification as a mode of composition – i have a big sexual appetite and i am devoted to incorporating my day-to-day real-life experiences into my media projects – so naturally as my relationship with augie evolved i began to concentrate more and more on sexual thematic material in my work – so be prepared to read a lot of explicit language and graphic imagery – but hey why else would you even be here in the first place!!!


Haaaarrrrrrder! #001………{excerpt}

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