Reality check

Most mornings, my ride to work on the back of a Honda takes me through a small market street that connects Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Dien Bien Phu Streets. This morning while we were wending our way through the conglomeration of stall holders, shoppers, dogs, walkers and people traveling every which way, I noticed an old lady coming toward me carrying a shopping bag over one arm. She looked very old and frail and she was bowed over as she walked, but she was smiling as she talked to the equally old looking man who was clinging to her back. That’s right, she carries this old man, who I can only assume is her husband, on her back and they were talking and laughing about something together.
Lisa has seen them before and remarked that it was incredible that they should be able to find something to laugh about, but this was the first time that I have come across them.
It sort of places my own worries, gripes and concerns firmly where they should be when I see things like this, and I envy this couple their ability to laugh in the face of what has to be a hard situation.