Reflections on Dien Bien Phu Street

Last night we travelled along Dien Bien Phu Street at 6.15pm and the traffic could best be described as “wall to wall” cars, trucks, buses, cyclos, bicycles, motorbikes, pedestrians, food stalls on wheels, three wheel sand carriers, traffic police and so on. The traffic was so dense that motorists were making alternate lanes travelling up the footpaths. Utter chaos and we choked on the fumes from it all.

imageBut right in the middle of all of this, calm as you like are two guys on a motorbike and the person on the back is holding on to a tall narrow plate glass mirror and a sheet of normal plate glass that he has resting on the seat in front of him. imageI cringe at the thought of what may have happened had either sheet broken and sprayed plate glass over those close by (us for instance), but carrying items such as this on the back of a motorbike is by no means the exception here, rather it is the rule.

The images are not all that good given the lighting conditions and they don’t reflect the traffic congestion, but they are all I have so if you click on either one you will get to view a larger image in a pop-up window.