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A weblog about weblogging is reviewed by Keith Morris. Keith maintains his own weblog site at and conducts reviews for both Bloggy Opinions and Blog Critics.

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~~ 12/04/02 ~~
A Weblog About Weblogging

This weblog was created and is maintained by he who calls himself Royby. The site doesn’t reveal much about this character other than the fact that he will be celebrating his birthday on the 10th of December. Happy Birthday, Royby!

Royby’s site was “primarily built as a research site for Communication & Cyber Theory at Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia… about the phenomenon that is weblogging.” It contains quite a bit of useful information about blogging, with links to blogs and also resources for bloggers. It is maintained using pMachine, weblogging software much like Movable Type and Blogger. I had never heard of it before I visited. Sure enough, there is a link to over on the left side of Royby’s blog (it is a blog about blogging, isn’t it?), along with links to other weblogging applications. This is a topic I find quite interesting, personally. I am always looking for new ideas to use on my own site.

The layout is fairly simple; your typical dashed border surrounding the main content, with links on either side. I’m not familiar with the templates that ship with pMachine. This layout does have a sort of prefabricated appeal to it, though a peek at the source code suggests otherwise. It is a piece of cake to find your way around, and the color scheme is pleasing as well.

There are a couple things I didn’t agree with. Along the right, there are a couple of dead links. Dead links bad! There is also some content that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with weblogging. Finally, the content doesn’t portray a very personal view at all. I would like to know what is in the head of Royby. What does he think about the things he is finding around the web? Other than that, I’d definitely recommend this site to someone who is interested in new blogging ideas or resources.