rubbish man

…it’s something we need to get rid of

and here there is a rubbish collection daily at 4.45 pm. Not like in Australia where the rubbish sits festering and becoming smelly as it waits for the once a week pickup. Our current rubbish guy is a real gem. Not only does he have his trolley hooked as a trailer to his motorbike, which I think is very innovative, but he’s a really happy friendly person as well. In comparison to the rubbish man at our last house who used to show up drunk most days and was very abusive, this guy is just great. Nothing is too much trouble for him. He even issues a small chit as a receipt when he collect the 15,000 VND per month and that’s a first for me.

It just shows that, no matter what your occupation, you can be happy and make those around you happy as a result.

Incidentally, the guy behind the rubbish cart bending over with no shirt on sells ice, beer and coke from two ice boxes where he is standing outside his house. The coke is not cold, BUT his beer is kept under the ice! Beautiful!

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