sadness in our hem

Its been raining off and on today so here I sit dead-blogging in Word and waiting until I can resume uploading some files to a server for a project that I am working on. Frustrating, but nothing I can do.

Last week as I sat having breakfast in our hem one sixteen year old guy, the nephew of the lady who had made me my meal, came past on his loud two stroke motorbike. There is a power muffler fitted to it and it was always clear when this young guy was coming through the hem. He always rode too fast and the bike was too noisy, but we won?t be pestered by that any more because in the early hours of this morning he met his untimely end.

Evidentially he had a new girlfriend and had been out with her but an argument had developed with her ex-boyfriend over on the banks of the river in District 4. Harsh words had led to blows and rumour has it that this young guy was hit on the head with some type of blunt metal tool and fell into the water. He was dead by the time that his body was recovered.

His body hasn?t been returned to the house in our hem as yet as the police are still conducting their investigations and the last I heard they still had not located the other fellow who was involved in the fight. However, our hem at that end is busy as relatives and friends come to enquire over what happened and there is an overall feeling of sadness very obvious in most people here.

It?s very sad to think that we will never get to see this young guy again and although I used to get slightly peeved at the way in which he used to ride past our house and among the younger children who play in this narrow space, I would be more than happy to see him doing it again. He was a pleasant enough young man, possibly a bit on the wild side, but there is nothing wrong with that.

We will go and pay our respects to his family when the time is right as we know most of the great number of them who live alongside us.