shit, Thorpey’s dead at 60. Haven’t had the time to think about it since I read the news a few days ago, but it was his funeral service today at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and about 7,000 people turned up. If I was in Sydney I would have been tempted to go along myself.

Today listening to ABC radio playing some old Thorpey hits I became quite emotional, after all, he’s gone, and with him just a small portion of my youth has crept away, making me realise my own mortality once again.

I think back to when I was 18, Thorpey and the Aztecs in the beer garden of the Lorne Hotel. Thorpe punching out the hard, loud brand of rock that he was famous for, fingers attacking his guitar and mouth attacking the microphone with that typical Thorpey “fuck you” attitude, he looked some young heckler right in the eye and without missing a beat asked him, “what would you know punk?”. Lobby Lloyd next to him, cigarette burning away shoved into the upper reaches of his guitar. That day they blew two sets of amps and I can remember feeling their music pass right through me.