sometimes little things happen to make your day

I received an e-mail from William this morning. William is a Viet Kieu (overseas Vietnamese) and I’m not sure where he is from but when I received his message I was touched and glad to get it. However, I was also just heading out the door as I was hungry and a large bowl of Pho Bo (beef noodles) was calling to me.

As I sat on my small plastic stool devouring my delicious breakfast and watching the life that was teeming in all directions before me I re-considered William’s e-mail and the emotiveness with which he wrote it and I decided that I had answered him far too dispassionately.

So William let me say publicly that I am humbled by the honesty and the feeling that went into your short message. It makes me feel so happy to know that the images of Viet Nam that I have posted onto the gallery have brought you the pleasure that you indicate. That is very special and I will endeavour to post more there soon.


I found your site accidentally and instead of working on a project which has way past it due date, I found myself drawn back to your site flipping thru your gallery. It is fascinating yet some how it is touchy and teary. I found myself with happy tears flowing from eyes as I viewed these images of a life that is so different from where I am now, yet I feel so close to them, perhaps because I was born there.

Anyway just a feel words to say thank you for the images, the reminder of how beautiful the place is.

Will come up to your site again to see more when I get a chance.

PS. Like the comment you make on the photos very funny and poignant


thanks Wil, you’ve made my day!