Special police force forms to catch internet criminals – Vietnam News Service

HA NOI ? A special police force will begin operating next month to fight internet-related crimes, according to the director of the Public Security Ministry?s Economic Police Department, Colonel Nguyen Hoa Binh.

Viet Nam already has an online security unit, but the special force will focus on criminal cases as defined by the laws, Binh said.

On-line crimes include the illegal penetration into specialised networks or local networks of organisations and individuals, stealing, changing data, cheating or gambling via the internet, and saving and distributing banned publications on the internet.

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Director of Ha Noi Technology University?s Network Security Centre (BKIS) Nguyen Tu Quang said the force is necessary for the fight against the increasing threat of criminal activities on the internet.

Internet usage is spreading fast in Viet Nam with the number of net surfers now well over 2 million people. This increase coincides an increase in internet trade fraud, dissemination of pornographic materials and hacking.

“On-line crime is expected to become a major problem as more people begin using the internet and connection speeds increase,” Quang said.

According to the director, most of Viet Nam?s computer networks, including very important systems, are vulnerable to hacking. Some international shopping websites even refuse transactions from Viet Nam due to rampant use of stolen credit cards.

Quang admitted that the special police force alone will not be able to prevent crimes in cyberspace. There needs to be close co-operation with other security units, internet service providers, universities, banks and even former hackers.

He added that the Government has approved the establishment of the Viet Nam Computer Emergency Response Team (VietCERT) to increase the safety of computer systems and of the national information infrastructure.

He said that VietCERT will be set up by the end of this year, and it will co-operate with the public security ministry?s special force in its fight against online crimes.

Viet Nam expects to have about 6.3 million of Internet users by next year. ? VNS