Subjective reflection?

Most of us present an image to the rest of the world that we want others to see. The image that we portray normally differs in given situations that can depend on who we are with and where we are. I am quite sure that there would not be many cultures on this planet (if any) where an individual meets another person and does not immediately begin to label that person in some way. We look at others, or listen to them and make value based observations. I say value based, because primarily, the judgements that we make of others are based upon existing value systems that we have accumulated through learned experience. Each of us has differing learning experiences throughout our lives, both cultural and personal and these experiences act in the development of our sense of self. Our subjectivities are constantly in a state of progression and the inter-subjective exchange that takes place when we meet other people is another experience that adds to that development.

If the above is true in real life situations, then I think it could be argued that it is even more so when we display ourselves within the genre of the personal Web page and especially within a personal weblog. In both cases, there are conscious decisions to be made about how we will appear to the rest of the world. What will the design of our site tell others about us? More importantly, what will our bloggings reveal about ourselves and our own constantly developing subjectivities?