Sunday in District 2

imageIn terms of its proximity to the modernity of Saigon’s District 1, District 2 is only a stone’s throw away (or a 60 second ferry ride). But in terms of environmental difference, D2 could well be on a different planet from D1. There are massive redevelopment plans for District 2 so it is important to us that we see as much as possible of it while it remains in its rural-like state.  It was so pleasant to quickly be out of the hustle and noise that is downtown HCMC and be in a area where things just seemed to move that little bit slower.

As ever, the best way to see it is by motorbike and on this Sunday Loic needed a place to test his remote control power boat, so…

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(Most (not all) photos are taken by Lisa because it is she who sits on the back of the Vespa)