The AFL Grand Final simulacrum

Jean Baudrillard would have us believe that we exist in a world in which we breathe an ether of floating images that no longer bear any relation at all to reality. In other words, our lives, and all around us is a simulation; the simulacrum. Signs have taken the place of the real and these signs stand for nothing but themselves and refer to nothing but other signs.

If nothing else ever could, the AFL Grand Final in Melbourne yesterday confirmed the theory of the simulacrum in every sense of the word.  Brisbane were fortunate that it was only an image of the Collingwood football team that turned up to play. In saying this I am not taking anything away from Brisbane, they are a truly great and skilled team of footballers. What I am saying is that yesterday, there was only a representation of the Collingwood players that appeared to be on the ground. Signifiers that signified nothing at all. There were 22 signifiers of Collingwood players visible yesterday, but in reality, those signs referred to no external model whatsoever.