The Guardian | Students cash in on ‘human billboards’ plan

This article brings a whole new meaning to the term “using your head”. With the amount of bare skin about to be on display at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus, when the new batch of first year students begin vying for attention, the mind boggles at the entrepreneurial possibilities that will be available. I guess a rating system would need to be worked out with some bodily areas attracting more dollars per hour than others?

Instead of using their brains to better themselves, students are being encouraged to use their heads to alleviate their debts. Or, more precisely, their foreheads.
A creative marketing agency, best known for projecting an image of the television presenter Gail Porter on to the Houses of Parliament, has embarked on an initiative to turn students’ foreheads into billboards.

The agency, Cunning Stunts, is offering students up to ?88.20 a week to wear a corporate logo on their head for a minimum of three hours each day. The brand or product message will be attached by a vegetable dye transfer and the students will be paid to leave the logos untouched.

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