The mayfly project 2002


For the third year the Mayfly Project (2002) is running. All that it asks of you is to describe the year 2002 in twenty (20) words and submit them to the list.

This is a very reflective process individually, and it is also an appealing experience to read other people’s lists. A word of warning though, don’t read anybody else’s words until you have thought about and submitted your own. This is only a personal view but I would not have liked mine to be influenced in any way.

So what were my twenty words I hear you ask? Here they are;

royby [ w ] [ gold coast australia ] 07/01/2003 02:24

life, death, sex, existentialism, love, bliss, depression, passion, cynicism, belief, wisdom, imprudence, images, language, loan repayments, weather, paranoia, discovery, rhetoric.

Mine was the 699th entry by the way.

mayfly 2002