The miserableness continues

My work e-mail account with RMIT was cancelled before I had a chance to back up and save any of my e-mails, they just went ahead and did it without even thinking to ask me if I had finished with it. Considering that the system was down for so long and inaccessible I did not have a chance to recover my e-mails and I guess that was a final small kick in the teeth to remember that institution by.

But that pales into insignificance with what “someone” has requested for Lisa’s e-mail account. Lisa finishes up this afternoon as manager of Tourism & Hospitality and already this morning the IT department had blocked her account at the “request” of “someone”. This means that the back up and saving of her e-mails cannot be done and any finalisation that had to be undertaken by e-mail today cannot happen.

How typical of the ethos of some of the miserable individuals who cling in that place.

Disclaimer: This is not directed at any person/s other than those who know how miserable they are. Those of my colleagues who I love and respect will likewise know who they are and know that they are not of miserable attitudes.