They say its your birthday, happy birthday to you…

Yesterday was my birthday and amongst other things I received the traditional birthday cake at work to share with my colleagues, but imagine my surprise to arrive home and find 55 red and pink roses in our living room. Not to mention a hand wrapped gift and home made card and also a birthday cake placed in the refrigerator.

imageThis was all the work of the family who own the house where we live. We must be the luckiest tenants in HCMC, these people are so thoughtful and look after us so much that it is very humbling. How do you repay people who do simple things like making sure that there is fresh fruit in the house if we have been away for the weekend, or come to our house on a moments notice if something needs fixing or changing.

imageI couldn’t believe what they had done for my birthday, I have to admit that I was speechless, but needless to say I invited them down to share the cake and a drink and to try and thank them for being so caring. Sometimes it is not easy living in this country, different customs and a different way of looking at life, the pace and noise of this city all contribute to certain frustrations for most foreigners. But acts of kindness like we receive from this family help to place things back into perspective.

As I say, we are blessed.

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