things I will miss

Komninos came over and had dinner with us last night. He had made a delicious salad and he also brought over some prawns that he had butterflied. I cooked them quickly on a very hot BBQ hotplate so that we could eat the crispy shells. We ate a variety of cheeses, olives, crisp breads, sun-dried tomatoes, dips, and fruit. Lisa and I drank a bottle of chilled red wine and Kom drank his usual whiskey, ice and water.
We sat quietly at the back of our house as the heat of the day slipped away to be replaced by a beautifully balmy evening. We talked of things past, present and future and I tried out our newly replaced pool light as Morticia (our grey cat) feasted on bits of prawn. We listened to the fruit bats complaining to each other in the Gum trees behind our house.
After Kom had gone home, Lisa went for a naked swim.
There are some things that I will miss when we are away.