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I just found these links on the blog of Richi Streitmatter-Tran. Some good reading to be had, but for me it had better be after I finish marking exam papers!

Better Blogs

How do you configure all these new modules like technocrati tags, flickr photos, links, etc? Beats me. Instead, check out some of these:

  EastSouthWestNorth current events asia
  supernaut art/design
  danwei media and advertising in china
  design observer collaborative blog by some of the best creative critics
  Vietnam Visual Arts art culture in vietnam
  bay area love ♥ vn art design


And check out the motherlode of arts information for download at UBUWEB. In the sound section: Early radio to Fluxus, categories from Conceptual, Contemporary to Ethnopoetics. You can download historical art texts, speeches. This is an arts research goldmine.

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